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What Are the Best Portable Air Conditioning Units?

Energy Efficiency – This is pretty important to most consumers these days. Not only do you want an appliance that won’t elevate your bill, you want one that has minimal impact on the environment as well. DeLonghi makes some portable units that offer some pretty decent Energy Star ratings.

Budget – Perhaps cost is the most important thing to consider. You want a unit to cool well enough to keep you comfortable while you are home without breaking the bank. If you are not concerned with a lot of added features or if you don’t mind a little extra noise, Hotpoint makes a couple different models that provide just the minimums that you need with the extra fuss.

Environment – Do you need to feel good about running your product, knowing that you aren’t causing additional harm to the ozone layer? Most portable air conditioners only use CFC-free refrigerant but if you want a real spectacular unit, Omega Altise makes just what you’re looking for. They have a portable unit that is voted as having one of the smallest carbon footprints of any Air Conditioners Brisbane.

Empty Tray – If you are someone who works long hours or is always on the go then the best appliance in your eyes is probably one that you never have to empty. The last thing you want is to come home to water all over because you were stuck at work a little late.

Automatic Restart – This is a very important feature, especially to pet owners. Sure, everyone would appreciate a unit that will remember its settings and turn itself back on should you briefly lose power, which happens fairly often in the summer. However, for consumers with pets at home, this is often more important than any other quality so they know that their dogs, cats, birds, etc., are not uncomfortable in a hot, closed up house.

When you are shopping for the best portable air conditioning units, take a little time to figure out exactly what features are important to you before you make your decision.