Solar Panels: Where to Buy the Cheapest Solar Panels in Shreveport?

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With solar energy now slowly growing, there are a ton of residential solar panels in Shreveport that you could get in order to go solar.  With the growing industry, there are going to be a lot of solar installers that you get to choose from. So, where to buy the cheapest solar panels in Shreveport?

Kinds of Solar Batteries in Shreveport

  1. Lithium Batteries

They were invented in the ‘80s and reached the market in the late ‘90s. They take advantage of lithium in the form of an ion to generate and store electricity. 

  • LTO solar battery

This is the first type of lithium-ion solar battery and works similarly to the LiFePo4 batteries but there are some different electrode materials

  • Negative Electrode (anode): Li2Tio3 (LTO): Lithium Titanate Oxide
  • Positive Electrode (cathode): lithium manganese oxide
  • LiFePo4 Solar Battery

This would have to be the most common type of Lithium solar battery. They are made out of the following parts:

  • Positive electrode: Lithium oxide LiFePo4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate)
  • Negative electrode: Carbon
  • Electrolyte: Lithium salt (Li+, gel type)
  • Membrane separator

        This is based on the exchange of the Lithium Ions from one electrode to another

and the flow is then giving current outside the battery cells.

  1. Hydrogen Technologies

Hydrogen batteries are also known as hydrogen fuel cells and this type of storage system would take advantage of the properties of hydrogen and oxygen.

This type of battery consists of a:

  • Positive electrode (cathode, graphite)
  • Negative electrode (anode, platinum)
  • Hydrogen storage tank
  • Proton exchange membrane (PEM)
  1. Lead-acid

The lead-acid would have to be the oldest technology of rechargeable batteries that was created in 1857 by Gaston Plante. Like their names suggest, lead is the main active material that is found in the battery.

They are divided into 3 types:

  • Solar Battery – GEL

This is a type of battery that is sealed and is maintenance free. The main feature of this battery would have to be gel electrolyte so the battery is safe. It has no gas outburst and leakage. 

They would usually contain:

  • Positive electrode: PbO2 (lead oxide)
  • Negative electrode: Pb (pure lead)
  • Electrolyte: H2SO4 (sulfuric acid as a gel)
  • Membrane separator

They exchange H+ ions between positive and negative electrodes through the electrolyte which creates the flow of electricity outside the battery so that it could power a load.

  • Solar Battery – AGM

Absorbed Glass Matt (AGM) solar battery is a lead-acid battery that was invented in the ‘80s. The acid electrolyte is absorbed on a glass mat so the battery is safe and leakproof. They share the same components with the gel battery except the electrolyte is then absorbed on a fiberglass mat and works exactly like how the gel battery works.

  • Tubular Lead-acid Batteries – OPzV

The Tubular Lead-acid batteries would have to be the latest addition to the lead-acid battery from Germany. They are fitted for stationary applications and use tubes as electrodes. Their design is specifically for more contact with the acid electrolyte compared to AGM and GEL batteries. 

  1. Red-ox Flow

This battery was invented in the late ‘80s in Australia. They are electrochemical storage

systems and their working principle and parts are slightly different. The electrolyte is flowing and it is the main active component of the battery.

They consist of the following:

  • Two tanks of liquid acid electrolytes that are containing Vanadium ions (V2+)
  • Two carbon electrodes
  • An Ion exchange membrane

    The storage capacity of the Vanadium Red-ox Flow Batteries is determined by

the volume of each electrolyte. 

Property Tax Exemption for Solar in Shreveport

There are certain Shreveport solar panels and the solar rights law. The Louisiana Department of Revenue would provide you a 50 percent refundable tax credit if you purchase any solar electric and solar water heating systems that are installed at a Louisiana Residence. The credit would be applied to the first $25,000 of the cost of purchase for your solar system.

As for the federal government, they offer a 30 percent tax credit if you purchase and install a renewable energy system that would serve a dwelling unit that is located in the United States of America and is owned and used by a residential taxpayer.

Solar Loans for Shreveport Solar Panels

There are a few things that you have to remember when you are buying a solar panel and taking out a loan for it:

  • Loans that have a shorter term will have a higher monthly pay but if you do the math, you would see that it would have a lower total cost over the loan terms.
  • The solar panel loans can either be secured or unsecured. That would then result in a wide array of interest rates, term lengths, and credit requirements among all of the loan offerings.
  • The lower the interest rate that you have on your loan, the lower your overall cost would be.

Aside from saving up money and helping the environment, getting your own solar system, and owning your own solar panel, it would allow you to own an asset that would then generate significant financial value. You would be able to get different incentives and rebates, alongside federal investment tax credits.