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She Went From Sports Marketing to Launching Postal Petals

Talia Boone, founder of Postal Petals, is on a mission to assist people today unwind and get pleasure from life, all through the use of “do it yourself” flower preparations. In this podcast study about her journey from sports activities marketing to entrepreneurship. Find out about the power of screening and figuring factors out. We also find out how just for the reason that a industry is tricky to break into doesn’t signify it is not unachievable.

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Learning from Athletics Marketing

Her journey to entrepreneurship commenced in general public relations.

Talia labored for a few a long time as in marketing and publicity roles for NFL soccer groups.

She then served for nearly 10 decades as head of communications and model administration at Darrell Environmentally friendly Enterprises. Darrell is a Washington Commanders NFL athlete (retired).

A single of her quite a few accomplishments is heading Darrell’s campaign to be in the Hall of Fame.

Talia ongoing to work in senior roles at marketing agencies until she launched her possess company connecting brand names to athletes and in specific with a target on advertising social improve and affect.

From Enthusiasm to Business

In early 2020 Talia commenced a passion that she’d been passionate about before – flower arranging. This was appropriate at the start off of the pandemic.

Talia scoured all-around on the lookout for corporations who could send her small preparations of bouquets to organize but she could not discover any. She uncovered arranging flowers, therapeutic and tranquil.

Talia found out that the flower field is a tricky marketplace to crack into and it’s not established up to ship smaller orders of bouquets to folks. It’s an sector of wholesalers who sell bouquets to more substantial stores and flower stores, but not to a lot of other folks.

Talia didn’t see this as a challenge but observed it as an prospect.

She set out to learn about the flower market and rather of just flowers for herself, as a result of Postal Petals, Talia is expanding her enjoy of flower arrangments to the entire world.

Know-how Problems

Technology performs a large purpose in Postal Petals. Very first started on Square Place, then moved to WordPress, Talia didn’t come across a fantastic e-commerce system right until she landed on Shopify.

Talia’s journey in working with tech is what a lot of of us go by way of. Nevertheless, we determine it out. Like Marie Forleo‘s book “Everything is Figuroutable” talks about.

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Logistic Problems

A consistent problem for Postal Petals is delivery. The aim is for shoppers to receive their flowers in 36 hours immediately after they are minimize. The a lot quicker the consumer gets the bouquets, the extended the flowers they organize will be in bloom.

Freelancers – Virtual Assistants To The Rescue

Tiny businesses really don’t have to employ the service of a whole-time staff to develop. We can start with contractors, or “virtual assistants” to get the enable we will need in our businesses. This is how Talia begun. Employing contractors from Upwork, Fiverr, and other freelance platforms.


Talia’s tale is 1 of leveraging professional competencies realized working for many others, to improve a business.

Her journey shares how persistence and challenging do the job can get you far.

Typically moments you have to examination and test out things to see what functions.

On the lookout to take it easy, have pleasurable with pals, and shell out some time bringing temper-maximizing magnificence into your daily life?

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