05/03/2024 10:56 AM


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Know about the smart card in detail!!!

The technology has proven a boon for the world. The biggest example of the technology is the Metro train. This has made the travelling for the individuals easy as well as comfortable. This is a train that is fully air conditioned. The travelers earlier used to make use of different vehicles like cars, scooters, etc. but, this has reduced the use of these vehicles by the people. This train has connected different parts of the cities.

The travelling in metro train has been made easier for the passengers by the metro rail corporation. The travelling in metro is not possible without a token or ticket. The token is just similar to a ticket in bus. But, a metro card also known as smart card has made it comfortable for the passengers to travel. This is because; a smart card can be used for travelling through Delhi metro for multiple destinations.

This card has the facility to get recharged for a certain amount and some amount used to get deducted after every travel. The passengers are required to get the metro recharge, so as to enjoy the travelling to different destinations in multiple times. This card not only brings the benefits of a metro card only. But, also enables the passengers to enjoy the advantages of a credit card.

Below mentioned are a few benefits of a smart card:

  • Auto top up facility automatically for automatically recharging the metro transit chip balance.
  • The passengers travelling through smart card will enjoy a discount of 10% on travelling fare every time.

This concept of smart card has been started, so as to control the rush during the peak hours, while implementing revised fares. According to the metro rail officials, the primary aim of introducing smart cards was to help the majority of people tp get a benefit on its use. The passengers can get their card recharged in different ways. This can be either done with the help of the machines that have been installed at the metro stations. Also, there are special cabins at the stations as well, where the officials are sitting to get the card recharged. Further, these cards can now be recharged online by making use of the debit cards or credit cards.

The metro card recharge online can also be performed with the help of the websites like Paytm, PhonePe, Mobikwik and more. The regular users of smart cards also enjoy cash back of some amount from Paytm on recharge of their card. Some of the card users can also enjoy an additional discount on their travel rides. These users include the persons, which are normally restricted to the rigid timings of the school, office, etc. Moreover, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation has defined these rigid timings of the schools or offices as the peak hours.

The card holders travelling during the non- peak hours can enjoy a discount of 20% on the travel fare. So you may also get benefits of this card while your metro journey.