23/02/2024 11:11 AM


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Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Florida

Florida is a popular destination for retirees who want to escape the harsh winter in more northern states. These “Snowbirds” open a variety of markets for the savvy entrepreneur with a little capital to invest. There are a variety of businesses that could stand alone or be combined to benefit all parties.

Building Storage Facilities

Moving is rarely an easy process, so it is common to leave at least part of a homestead near the winter home. Whether putting a convertible into storage for the summer months or hiding the patio furniture from hurricane season, storage facilities have many uses for Snowbirds. The rolling steel doors jacksonville fl can securely lock these sheds and may be a great selling point.

Performing Maintenance Check-Ups

As many retirees are only in the south for part of the year, if they own a home it may sit empty for months at a time. You can start a business that not only keeps the exterior looking spruced up but also performs wellness checks after heavy storms to make sure nothing has broken or leaked. You can also have maid services to do a thorough cleaning before the owners return for the season and after they leave again.

Having Personal Shuttle Services

Regular drivers can personally do airport shuttle runs, but they can also be on call for nights where the clients want to imbibe alcohol or want to visit an attraction with limited parking. Having a trusted company and drivers can provide a sense of safety for Snowbirds who are wary of the technology of on-demand apps with strangers.

Businesses tailored to retirees arriving in Florida can be a profitable endeavor with the right know-how and focused work. With a little bit of careful planning, you can even create a one-stop-shop which encompasses multiple services for your clients.