05/03/2024 10:23 AM


Business finance devotees

5 Ways to Help Your Home Business Succeed

Many businesses have moved away from a traditional office setting and are relocating to their residences. Here are five steps that can help you in the process.

1. Set Up Your Home Office

You will want a dedicated place where you can be away from other distractions. If you have a business phone, you may be able to use it for much of your communication and save money on a computer. Since most transactions are online, you probably don’t need a printer. It does help to have a desk and comfortable office chair. Sitting at your desk can encourage you to keep your mind focused.

2. Keep Regular Hours

Set the time you will work each day, and stick to it. Don’t clean the kitchen or do laundry instead. Your business won’t grow if you don’t work!

3. Understand Expenses

Make sure you have researched the tax benefits of having your own home office. Keep track of your expenses and consult with your accountant — even before you start your business. 

4. Make Goals

Set daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals. The goals can be related to how many hours you work each week, or how many new clients you need each month to succeed or anything in between. Review these goals regularly.

5. Reach Out Through Marketing

There are hundreds of ideas online on how to market your business. You might try phone calls, emails, open houses or even mailers. You can buy ads on social media. Don’t forget your best sources for new client referrals — your friends and family. They want to help you succeed and can use their circle of influence to grow your business.

Good luck with working from home with your new business. By doing your research in advance and then treating your business like a real job, you should have the success you are hoping for. Now, get back to work!