Month: April 2019

Have you ever imagined holding a job that pays you to see the world? This can be accomplished in any number of ways, including joining the trucking industry. Companies offer enticing incentives for both new and experienced drivers, and some even offer the opportunity to become independent contractors and increase your earning potential.

Obtaining Your Own Truck

Needless to say, purchasing a truck outright may be out of reach for the average worker. While financing or saving enough money to make the purchase are viable options, there are several lease to own trucking companies that provide alternative solutions. In these situations, a company will hire you to work for them while you lease your truck. At the end of the predetermined time period, you can opt to purchase the truck outright or upgrade to a new truck. Those who decide to purchase their trucks gain the ability to be independent contractors, which opens up the possibility for additional earning potential. Be sure to understand which expenses you are responsible for during the lease period, including gas and tolls, as these are important factors in choosing the right trucking company to work with.

Operational Costs

Once that lease is paid off and you own that truck, it is important to prepare for the inevitable expenses that come with vehicle ownership. Like standard cars, trucks require regular maintenance, constantly need gas and oil, and will occasionally break down. Additionally, insurance, permits, and road tolls are expenses that can add up quickly. It is important to have a clear understanding of all the often overlooked expenses associated with truck ownership to ensure you set yourself up with a profitable business model.

It is the dream of many to be their own boss and work for themselves. While this is never an easy or inexpensive journey to embark upon, it can be incredibly profitable and rewarding if you are willing to do your research and put in the hard work.…

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Whether you want to build a man cave or a she shed, carving out your personal space may just be the trick to brighten up seasonal blues. Having a place to call your own to retreat and recharge could bring the relief you need!

Define Your Priorities

Do you need a space to practice your electric guitar with an energy drink? Or do you need a place to silently meditate with tea? Are you going to be playing video games or working in a home office? Define your priorities as to what you want your private space to be. Sketch out a rough idea of what you want it to look like when it’s finished.

Fill It From the Bottom Up

You don’t have to break the bank when building your space. After you clear out all the boxes that were being stored in your old spare room, head down to a local office furniture store to find new and used office furniture to provide the seating, desks, lighting, and accessories you need to fill it up again. Bring your sketch while testing out couches and make sure that you have the measurements of the room, including the distance between windows and doors.

Finishing Touches

Once you have your big pieces in the room, fill the nooks and crannies with the things that make you happy. That may be a poster of your favorite team, a blackout curtain to keep you in the dark or an old record player. Take your time and spend a few days in the room getting a feel for it, but don’t be afraid to rearrange if something doesn’t feel right! This is your room, and you can always change it to suit your changing tastes at any point.

Does everything look good to you now? Close the door and enjoy your space! You’ve earned some well-deserved time to yourself.…

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Florida is a popular destination for retirees who want to escape the harsh winter in more northern states. These “Snowbirds” open a variety of markets for the savvy entrepreneur with a little capital to invest. There are a variety of businesses that could stand alone or be combined to benefit all parties.

Building Storage Facilities

Moving is rarely an easy process, so it is common to leave at least part of a homestead near the winter home. Whether putting a convertible into storage for the summer months or hiding the patio furniture from hurricane season, storage facilities have many uses for Snowbirds. The rolling steel doors jacksonville fl can securely lock these sheds and may be a great selling point.

Performing Maintenance Check-Ups

As many retirees are only in the south for part of the year, if they own a home it may sit empty for months at a time. You can start a business that not only keeps the exterior looking spruced up but also performs wellness checks after heavy storms to make sure nothing has broken or leaked. You can also have maid services to do a thorough cleaning before the owners return for the season and after they leave again.

Having Personal Shuttle Services

Regular drivers can personally do airport shuttle runs, but they can also be on call for nights where the clients want to imbibe alcohol or want to visit an attraction with limited parking. Having a trusted company and drivers can provide a sense of safety for Snowbirds who are wary of the technology of on-demand apps with strangers.

Businesses tailored to retirees arriving in Florida can be a profitable endeavor with the right know-how and focused work. With a little bit of careful planning, you can even create a one-stop-shop which encompasses multiple services for your clients.

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AnSME loan is the best option for a small business to obtain quick finance without the hassles of extensive paperwork. Further, the application process of the business loan has been considerably simplified by the fintech lenders, with the adoption of cutting-edge technologies. Business loans from fintech players offer several advantages from easy EMI repayment options to competitive interest rates, unlike profit sharing terms like investors. However, despite the obvious benefits, there are several myths that have clouded the minds of SME loan applicants. We shall debunk these myths with factual analysis.

Myth 1: Chances of loan rejection are high in case the loan requirement is nominal

This is completely untrue. The loan amount applied for and sanctioned in entirely dependent upon the business requirement. The loan approval is contingent upon satisfying the eligibility criteria of the lender.  Even an SME can apply for a small ticket size loan and get the same approved from an NBFC within a week if its financial metrics are strong.

Myth 2: Personal Loan wins over a Business Loan

This again does not hold in many instances. Although the processing time of personal loans is faster compared to business loans, their sanction limit is much lower in case of a personal loan. Further, the interest rates on business loans are relatively lower than personal loans. Further, the creditworthiness of the business owner in his individual capacity is considered while granting a personal loan. This does not help build the credit standing of the business. Further, small business is prone to business cycles. In case of the business hitting a low, the credit score of the promoter takes a hit, which will impact future chances of obtaining a loan. It is prudent to keep personal and business finances separate from the tax angle as well. Interest on business loans can be shown as a business expense deduction in the P&L statement and goes towards reducing the taxable profits of the business.

Myth 3: Procuring a Business loanis plain tough

There is a common fallacy that it is difficult for an SME to obtain a business loan apply. If one meets the eligibility criteria of an SME loan i.e. at least Rs 40 lakhs turnover, a decent credit score, submission of GST and IT returns and an operating vintage of at least 3 years, there is a high probability of loan approval. Further, fintech lenders extend loans via a simple online process with the absence of collateral security.

Myth 4: Lenders will insist on a business loan against property

This is not always the case. In the case of banks, the collateral security is mandatory in most cases. However, in the case of fintech companies, there is absolutely no collateral cover required to avail a business loan. It is difficult for SMEs to offer assets as mortgage owing to their limited asset pool.

Myth 5: It is better to use one’s personal savings rather than availing a business loan

It is …

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The SME and MSMEs have strengthened the overall economic situation in India. The popularity of startups and other businesses have created thousands of job opportunities. The revenue received by the government via these small or medium enterprises is now valued in billions. These are just a few reasons why the government and other funding agencies have taken up initiatives to ease the process of providing finances to various SMEs. It has been noticed that many SMEs in the past were forced to shut down or cease operations due to the lack of business funding.

Image result for Tips to get quick SME business loans with ease in India

But the situation is quite different now if you are a business owner who is aiming for expansion then availing a business loan is no more a hassle. You may now apply for a business loan even at the convenience of your home through the internet.  

Here are a few tips to get quick SME business loans with ease in India.

  • Ask your bank: Today, the majority of the population holds a bank account with either a private or centralized bank. The financial institution will be able to help you figure out your personal or your SME’s financial capabilities. They will also help you customize the loan amount and tenure.
  • Contact Financing Corporations: If your bank doesn’t offer you sufficient loan amount or if the guidelines are stringent then there are many financial companies in India which offer SME business loans. These SME business loans are tailor-made to meet the demands of a small or medium size enterprise.
  • Search online: The Internet is a host to a number of Fintech and SME fundingcompanies who are now willing to grant loans to SMEs. You may end up finding your lender right from the comfort of your own home by applying for an online business loan.

Once you finalize your lender. It is then important to ensure that your documentation and financial capability meets the eligibility standards as per the lending policy offered.

1. Evaluate your financial strength and assets before applying for a loan: Accessing your financial strength in accordance with cash or property will help you determine if whether you would like to apply for a secured or unsecured loan. If your company has been operational for many years and your company boasts a lot of properties of its own, then getting a secured business loan wouldn’t be very difficult. On the other hand, if your SME has recently entered the market and you lack an asset to submit as collateral then you may choose to apply for an unsecured loan.

2. Check your Credit score: If you or your SME regularly pay off debts, it will reflect in both your bank statements and CIBIL score, a high CIBIL score will ensure that you have higher chances of your loan getting approved as well. Any discrepancy in your bank statements should be rectified before applying for a loan.

3. Submit appropriate documentation: In many cases, people miss out on the opportunity of getting their …

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