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What is Hard Drive Shredding?

For the same reason as you need a paper shredder to destroy any documents on a paper, a hard drive shredder is also needed to completely destroy or remove any documents in your hard drive easily. The main purpose is to completely destroy all the files as well as not to leave any trace of the shredded documents in the history or directory of your computer. You may not be aware of it, but deleting a file does not mean that it is completely removed on your hard drive. A person having the right knowledge and expertise can easily find the location and recover the deleted file. But in some instance, a deleted file may also be removed from your hard drive if it has been written over with other files that will usually happen after a long period of time. But if the file is only written over once, there can still be some instances when it can accessed by other method.

Primarily, what a hard drive shredder does is to overwrite the file in order to completely remove it. If you want, you can also have the files overwritten several times if it contains information which is highly confidential or very sensitive. Thereafter, any trace to the file is also completely removed from the directory. However if you want to remove a file that has been edited for several times, it is best that you shred the entire partition. The same thing goes, if the file needed to be removed has been previously moved. If the purpose of removing the files is for security reason, then it is highly advisable that you shred the entire drive. In can be difficult to use a shredder if the drive containing the confidential information has been defragmented. It cannot be visible to your computer once the partition containing the file is marked as a bad sector. It was found that even if the files in the computer have been deleted, personal information can still be found on some computers that were donated. A hard drive shredder can be useful in case you decided to dispose of your computer but have some sensitive or personal information stored in it. This can be very useful if you belong to a company who is going to make an upgrade on their computer and would want to donate or sell the old ones. The same reason that a hard dive shredder is usually needed in order to protect confidential information. Because the information that are stored on your computer is mostly related to your work or company. Using a hard drive shredder would be much better to remove any files containing confidential information than to normally just delete it.

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