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What is a Fidget Spinner and What is Its purpose

Fidget Spinners are the latest craze that is invading the internet and the world by storm. It is impossible for you not to know what they are, or at least have heard about them. If you have been browsing the internet you would definitely have stumbled upon these toys. They are believed to be toys for children, but adults enjoy playing with it too.

The latest theories suggest that fidget spinners can manage anxiety and ADHD in children. There are even some people who believe that these toys enhance the ability to focus Many experts believe otherwise, and the said assumptions have not yet been proven. Regardless of whether or not that is true, adults and children alike enjoy playing with these toys for. Some people even try to impress other by performing tricks.

At the moment, it is difficult to grasp how popular fidget spinner are but they are selling fast in toy stores and online outlets.
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But, what exactly are fidget spinners? Basically, it is a toy or device small enough to fit in your hands. It is made with two parts: the center part the you hold with your index and thumb fingers and a rotational blade that usually has three prongs. The spinning part is flicked at one of the prongs. Now, there are plenty of other designs to choose from.
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Fidget spinner have become addictive and people seem to care less of how they came about. Its addictive nature feeds off the fact that people have the need to fidget. Or it may be addictive because it is a no-brainer toy that allows you to come up tricks later on.

Moving forward, people can do a lot of things with fidget spinners. As earlier discussed, this toy is very addictive and it is likely because kids and adults would not stop discovering new tricks so they can impress their friends. Honestly speaking, this is where the fun is at. Furthermore, its spinning action does not always have to happen in your hands. you can also spin the toy on top of your toes or top of your hands. More daring people perform the spinning tricks on their foreheads and their noses. And there is more such as stacking the fidget spinners over the other and you can see how the stacked spinners would look like. Those who love playing tricks on their friends would throw it at them and see if they could grab them. Fidget spinners seem to have overthrown bottle flipping when it comes to popularity.

It should be noted that some schools have banned fidget spinners as they produced distracting spinning sounds. Another reason is that students tend to procrastinate more by playing with their spinners instead of gaining increased focused. Still, that will not stop people from getting their very own fidget spinner that they can play with in other places.