Paving: 10 Mistakes that Most People Make

Tips When Hiring A Paving Contractor When selecting a professional and experienced paving contractor, expect that making a decision might not be that easy. Being able to make a decision can be very stressful actually with companies that specialize in wide varieties of projects and with many of them that could be chosen from. The good thing is that, we will be talking about tips on how you can make the entire process a lot easier. Number 1. References – this may seem to be an obvious one but the first question you must ask any contractor is their years of experience in handling a certain job you wish them to do. Ask the contractor to give you references of their past clients and call them if you’re satisfied with their answer. Many people are actually skipping on this step but it can actually provide you with vital information regarding the reliability of the contractor, customer service and work ethics. Avoid contractors who refuse to give you references whenever possible. Number 2. Scope of work – talk to contractors to be able to solidify the work parameters so by that, all parties involved would be clear on what exactly needs to be done in attaining a successful result. An understanding of the time span, priorities as well as detailed specifications of the project is going to be essential in reaching success to the job. The scope of work must be documented in writing as well so by that, all parties are clear on what entails on the project. The foundation of a good agreement between the client and contractor is an accurate scope of work document.
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Number 3. Job specific challenges – say that the project has challenges specific to it like high degree of slope, specific material to be used that’s uncommon, then it is sure to complicate the job. In regards to this matter, be sure that the contractor knows the specifics of the problem and if they’re up for it.
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Number 4. No surprises to the cost of project – get all the required fees from your paving contractor and make sure that it is written. Hidden fees can be an instant deal breaker so make sure that all costs of the job are out in the open and in writing prior to hiring a contractor. This isn’t just the best practice for hiring such but also, when looking for other contractor job no matter what the size is. Number 5. Reputation, bonding and licensing – be sure that you hire contractors who are bonded and licensed to avoid problems during and after the project.