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Two Factors to Consider When Choosing a LED Flashlight

You are likely to find multiple LED flashlights in many homes. The styles, prices and designs of the flashlight vary.

Moreover, some LED flashlights are made for specific use. For example, there are LED flashlights for camping, underwater, dog walking, children and so on. If you are a prepper, you will love the wide variety of military/law enforcement style flashlights.

With the many LED flashlights in the market, it is easy to get overwhelmed with the choices available. What should you consider when looking for the ideal flashlight? Following the two tips below will help you.
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What Are Your Needs?
To find the right LED flashlight, you should consider your needs. For example, some flashlights are specifically made for hunting, long range vision, and search and rescue operations. If you need a flashlight for any of these activities, go for those with a big brightness. The best flashlight for these activities should produce a minimum of 1000 lumens. Apart from this, the flashlights should be durable.
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You can also buy flashlights made for camping, hiking, sailing, fishing and recreation. The flashlights ideal for these activities need a powerful beam. Ideally, you want one with between 300 to 1000 lumens. You also want the flashlight to be able to withstand occasional shocks. Such a flashlight will also be excellent for use in the car and around the house.

Finally, you can go for flashlight with about 100 to 300 lumens. These flashlights are not very bright and are best for use in the attic, around the shed, indoors and shorter distance vision.

Consider the Brightness
The flashlights in the market today are quite complex. They have been designed to be cool gadgets that are handy and fun to use. Most flashlight enthusiasts indicate that the more the brightness, the better. However, it is best to consider what you need a flashlight to know the ideal brightness to aim for. You should also find a flashlight that will allow you to adjust the brightness based on your needs.

If you want to engage in close range tasks such as looking or items inside your bag, a flashlight with a beam of between 10 to 20 lumens will be ideal. The brightness will allow you to see up to 100 meters.

You can adjust the flashlight to produce a beam of between 20 to 150 lumens if you want to use it for dog walking or getting around the house. A brightness of between 160 and 200 lumens is great for general purpose use. Such a flashlight can shine up to 20 meters.

The above are two things to consider when choosing a flashlight.