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How to Choose a Right Refrigerated Van for Your Business A refrigerated vehicle may be required by businesses that involve transporting goods at particular temperatures. For instance, a lot of food products have to be refrigerated to delay their shelf lives. There are different types and designs of refrigerated vans today, so it is important that you choose correctly. Otherwise, you could end up paying more than you need to, and that is not so good for business. Whether your plan is to rent or purchase a refrigerated van, you must provide the company with as much detail as possible so that it’s easier for you to determine the type of van that will suit your needs the most. In any case, here are top tips to help you choose the right refrigerated van: Required Temperature
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How cold a refrigerated van needs to be will, of course, depend on the specific types of items you have to transport. Frozen meat, for instance should be at -15 while and ice cream at -20. If you’re transporting bread or cold meat, you would need just chilled operation at about + 2 or 3, which is like your home refrigerator’s temperature.
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Chiller vs. Freezer Again, whether you require a chiller or a freezer depends on what types of goods you are transporting in these vehicles. Some will allow you to divide the temperature in the van so you can carry items whose storage temperature requirements vary. Most vans have dual compartments, which is great if you need to transport a variety of refrigerated goods. Defrosting Vans will usually defrost when you program it to defrost. To maintain a certain temperature, systems and kits may be installed as well. It’s good to pick a van with an automatic defrosting system. Cooling Overnight With certain vans, refrigeration can continue overnight even with the engine switched off. This is a very cost effective way of maintaining your food at the right temperature. A van with this facility may be a good choice. Desired Length of Contract When renting a refrigerated vehicle, there are different contracts that you can choose from. You can usually rent a van daily, monthly, during weekends, on certain seasons and even long-term. It’s all a question of your business’ needs. Of course, your choice of a company that rents out refrigerated van will also count. It’s always good to review two or three prospects so you can compare them. Ask for all the details you need, but make sure to give each company the same specs. Otherwise, comparing would be useless. Finally, take note of the attitude of the van provider as you talk to them for the first time. Remember that customer service can be a crucial point. If you ever encounter problems with the vehicle you rented, you want the company to be responsive to your needs.